The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Association

The Team

The Office Team


Our team consists of the Chairman, David Broucher; the Vice Chairman and Communication Officer, Edward Glover; the Treasurer, Steven Maisel and the Executive Secretary, Paul Yaghmourian.  .  Visits in London are organised by Cynthia Butterworth, and those outside London by Tim Handley.

The FCOA office is located in King Charles Street (room KG43).  It is generally staffed on Mondays and Tuesdays by Paul Yaghmourian.




The Board


The Board currently consists of eight members:

David Broucher; Cynthia Butterworth; Glyn Davies; Edward Glover; Tim Handley; Steven Maisel; Alp Mehmet and Paul Yaghmourian.

Directors are elected for three year terms, which may be renewed once.  Office holders are appointed for three years, and must be approved at AGM; there is no limit on the number of times their appointments may be renewed.